Distordi (aka  "Ricordi distorti" in Italian, Distorted Memories in english)

You all lived in the same neighborhood and that fast food joint was your hangout. You
come back to the place after many years and find all your memories of the past ...


To reconnect to one's own history and one's memories before others.


  • WASD: to move;
  • Shift to run
  • Space to jump
  • hold Left Mouse down: to pick up notes and photos
  • hold Right mouse down: to aim
  • TAB: to open inventory

How it works

It is played simultaneously and against so each player moves within a map independent of the other player, with the aim of looking for information on his memories randomly released on the map.

The informations are of two types: images and texts.
Each image represents a memory and each text represents the textual description of that image. 

The relationships between image and text are predefined and the aim is to associate them correctly before the opponent.

The idea is to use Unity to create interactivity and generate the stories of each of the players with an editorial work, taking the various pieces of stories from Stable Diffusion, an AI system that, starting from a text, generates a image, often very funny!


Game Design and AI generated content by stivens
Level Design and Programming by federyuk91
Game Programming by alessiococco
Some art by Edoardo Pintus

3D Model Asset from:
Polygon city by synty studios
Coffee Shop Starter Pack by puzzled wizard

Special thanks to Marco Bianchi for the help with photon 2 and Game Maker Accademy for hosting the local Multiplayer GGJ 2022

Tools and SDK:

Engine - Unity3D
Multiplayer - Photon (PUN 2)

Generated content using following tools:

Story generated from  Writing Prompt Generator servicescape
Photos generated from AI huggingface

Music inside the fast-food generated using: https://mubert.com/render
Music and sounds from https://freesound.org/

Making of:

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