Many families have at least one hero, will you be able to create an entire line of heroes or will you fail?

-Use Tab or click the icon of the hero in the corner to switch between heroes
-Use arrows or WASD  to move current hero
-Use button in UI to level your skills, your points to assign are in the upper right corner of the hero icon
-Each hero need to reach another hero.
Each step in a white square challenge a stat of your hero, you don't know the level of challenge.  In the last update you know the level of the challenge in most of the cells.

A challenge level greater than your skill is a loosing challenge,
less or equals is a win challenge.
Every time you walk in a red square you retry the challenge.
are safe.
When you loose a challenge your skill have a penality.
When you win a challenge your skill gain experience.
If you are lucky you can get extra life.

Game plot:

The game is a metaphor for the life of heroes, where the life of heroes is seen as a series of challenges to be faced.
These challenges are of charisma, strength, luck and brave.

Your role is to choose which challenges to face.

At the end of the challenges two heroes meet and give birth to new heroes who will inherit some traits and start the next level.

To do:
-When two heroes meet: new heroes borns and new level spawn

-One separated windows with genogram of the heroes

I use this art from web wich is under creative common license (short story), complete license


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Heroes Tree Last Update 18 MB

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This game is very interesting and I think has potential to be very strategic.  So far, I'm finding it necessary for my heroes to always advance all of the stats, the main challenge being deciding what order and getting a feel for how much is enough for a given level.  If one hero gets stuck after losing too many challenges, the other gives you another chance to go rescue it, but otherwise I mainly stick to one hero if I manage to level it enough to complete the map.

Some ideas for further hero–hero interaction are as follows:

  • When one hero beats a specific challenge type, it suppresses the difficulty of that challenge type by one level for one turn for the other hero.  This lets a hero powerful in stat X help a hero weak in X if X is that hero's next step.  Determining which hero to advance becomes a significant factor in bringing the heroes together.
  • Given the above, it might make sense to have more than two heroes on a map, possibly with some totally isolated from the others (existing only for the purpose of helping other heroes beat specific challenges).

Thanks a lot for this comment!

I've been working on the inclusion of more heroes for a while.
But I had several side effects for which I postponed this update.

The idea of remote interactions is very interesting! I'll do some tests!