Many families have at least one hero, will you be able to create an entire line of heroes or will you fail?

-Use Tab or click the icon of the hero in the corner to switch between heroes
-Use arrows or WASD or click/tap a near square to move current hero
-Use button in UI to level your skills, your points to assign are in the upper right corner of the hero icon
-Each hero need to reach another hero.
Each step in a white square challenge a stat of your hero, you don't know the level of challenge.
A challenge level greater than your skill is a loosing challenge, less or equals is a win challenge.
Every time you walk in a red square you retry the challenge. Green are safe.
When you loose a challenge your skill have a penality.
When you win a challenge your skill gain experience.
If you are lucky you can get extra life.

-Difficulty 3 or 4 is a good point to start
-You can play same map more time setting the seed

To do:
-When two heroes meet: new heroes borns and new level spawn

-One separated windows with genogram of the heroes

I use this art from web wich is under creative common license (short story), complete license


Heroes 6 MB
Download 6 MB
heroestree.apk 18 MB

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